These Times Lived Have Left Those Times Behind

There is no preventing those
Who choose their influence
To deceive with a prefabrication of truth
They do it as if credible
With a leading of the ones who follow
To believe in anything
They say and do

And conflict those who lie can raise
Just based upon innuendo
As long as they know
An attention can be obtained
With truth and honesty not a goal to achieve
Nor obtain to maintain
To keep one's popularity
These times lived have left those times behind

'Anything I have said before
Has nothing to do what I say to you now
Are there any other questions? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

The first stanza is quite fine and tells a lot; it starts the poem well and the poem continues to read well until the very end, but I do not have the answer for the first stanza; the line 'Who choose their inluence...' About the truth being distorted, you are right and for some human reason those people who manipulate it always find followers. I guess that one who said that there is is a fool born every minute was quite correct. Fine poem this is. keep on writing. I see that you have wrtten a lot.Good for you. This gives you much practice and a lot of experience. The best to you now and ever!