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These Words Are 4 U...
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These Words Are 4 U...

This one is just 4 u...
so i'll try my best to make it
i won't speak
words of age
or words of distance because
i wanna write
words of strength
that are yet gentle
i wanna write
words of maturity
that are yet jesting
i just wanna write words...
words that rhyme
words i own
words of time...
time we shared,
words that will prove
i really do care.
and if i owned
i would write something
as beautiful as your eyes
as soft as your lips
and as smooth as your style
but i don't...
well, not yet at least
but when i do find
as beautiful as u
i will write them
across my heart
and pour them into your soul.
Sarah R., these words are 4 u...

January 2,2005

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Comments (3)

This was really beautiful and loving. You can tell that you are telling the truth. You really do love her.
i have to agree with theodora. its just so..real. passoinate. you can really tell how you're struggling with your emotions and how much you love this girl. all boyfreinds should be like you..
Oh my God, what a lucky girl she. Beautiful, simply beautiful Theodora Eileen Onken