These Years Are More Golden

When you pinched my butt,
Of course I knew.
I know it is muscular,
And it is attractive to you.

But why did you sneak,
Just one pinch?
I was waiting to be convinced,
You wanted to be screwed too!

That one pinch did for me...
A rising I forgot could lift.
Since I turned 62!
And so prepared was I.
But you just wanted to see what I would do.
How 'rude' of you!

These years are more golden,
Than ever I thought I would behold!
I don't want to hear you giggle.
I want to feel you sweat!
And submissive under my control.
Doing something we both will not soon forget.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Oh! What a poem. The yearning passion you behold in the golden years...........10