They All Say

Poem By Belle Violet

They all say
I should see
That I have to let go of
what's done.
I didn't cause it.
You didn't hide it.
I couldn't see it.
You didn't misfire it.
was it even
a gun?
There are so many things
I don't want to know.
So many things
I wish would just blow
past all my memory.
Its hard not
I know they say
I'll get over it, someday.
Why is everyone
in a rush to relieve me?
Can't they have
the decency?
They weren't there for those talks,
I guess.
I'd kill a newborn to see
your face.
Snuff out a new flame.
I miss you
like crazy.
I don't think i'll ever
stop being so
I guess not many people
Know the depth
of this emotion.
There's no easy way
to move on.
I'll never be satisfied
with 'But, Violet, he's gone.'
They all say
the same things,
and not a one
feels these feelings.

Comments about They All Say

Pregnant with a pain that needs more than nine months. Full of feelings and rich in realism. Well done my friend. This is poetic therapy.

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