They Are Afraid They Will Not Be Fed

Why argue with those who oppose reality?
Addicted they are to drippings,
From a rusted faucet...
Slipping out of reach.

Stereotypes is the one mindset liked.
A brand all behold as the desired preference!
And they wear these 'logos' bold.
They continue to endorse their own afflictions.
Their own welfare mentalities.
Their own victimization with insecurities.
Very few view this as a deformity of a normalty!

They are pleased to peacock and flaunt...
A defunct existence.

Why argue with people like this,
Who insist they wish to be free?
What is it that they are needing...
Besides an identity?

And 'that' has them trapped in subservience.
A condition they pray never leaves!
No matter how long they prolong their own bleeding.
Or a wake up call no one dares to heed.

They are afraid they will not be fed...
If answered!
Even though most of them exist,
In blighted circumstances no one resists.

And the pleasure of this...
All has entertainment gains!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

My writings reflect 'my' experiences from my perception. As an African-American man it strikes me that someone who is caucasian could actually use a word like 'racist' to depict my point of view as a clarification oppose to a comprehension to which this poem applies from a life I've lived, still live and observe. Perhaps Mr. Pruchnicki, who lives in Chicago, should step outside of his 'gilded cage'? Of course, that is merely a 'suggestion' and 'not' a recommendation.
As usual, your anger overrides comprehension! What blighted circumstances does no one resist? Don't you know that poetry should make sense, literally as well as figuratively? Please don't respond with your usual racist rant!