They Are Heard! ! ! !

Words, what are words?
Hate words!
Kind words!
Selfish words!
Loving words!
Soft words!
Mean words!
Forgetful words!
Goodbye words!
Are there words for the Dead?
Can we really use goodbye words?
Why do we use words that are so hateful that we lose loved ones?
Words are powerful in each direction they are used!
Move over kind words, because hate words have entered our hearts and they are not going away!
Can we judge someone with our words?
Can we hate someone with our words?
Can we love someone with our words?
Can we bring people back with our words?
Will they be the same?
NO! ! ! ! ! !
Guess what?
Words are who we are and what we live by, how we COMMUNICATE! ! ! !
Positive never negative…

by Candice Key

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