They Are Trying To Find Something, Someone...

They are trying to find something,
Somewhere on this Earth.

Something or someone in the Universe...
To find and place blame,
For the shame their greed has caused them.

Something or someone not from Mars...
To claim responsibility,
For changing their clouding sunlight...
Into a dismal darkness that sets.
Without clear visibility.

Their are trying to find something,
Who will soothe their deep regret!

And restore their dignities.

But no one,
Is there...
To hear them whine and plead!
No one,
Is there...
To lift them.
Freed to stand on their own two feet.

Those teachers have left.
When the ones kneeling now on their knees,
Do what they do...
And at their best.

Patience has long gone...
For those who awaited with fake faith.
Hoping to be saved,
From lazy lives satiated and craved.
And wait they have done for a miracle...
With wings to issue while singing hymns of praise.
As they cared less about the lives they made.
Or of their fate that they could have paved.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Well said Lawrence...and well written too: 0)) ...a good read this one...thank you...Fi