They Are Waiting For Him To Fail

They are waiting for him to fail!

Waiting for 'who' to fail? '

President Obama?

'Have you seen the signs of decadence?
How long have people stood by?
Many sitting on the fence.
As generations fed greed...
And slimed the skyline,
With crooks and thieves!
To leave your pockets now empty.

Who has already failed who here?
Your local leeching politicians...
Proving their incompetence to fill leading positions?

This stench has been left to nurture,
Long before your thoughts of a Black man
Being your President,
Slammed that reality and you to the floor.
That 'ridiculous' idea...
Is at everyone's front door now.

And he did not run to become elected,
To further failures long neglected.
If he 'is' here to fail,
To succumb to fools with those wishes...
The only thing they would notice about 'that',
Would be the fact he carries the pressures of being Black.
And any good deed that succeeds,
Will be ignored.

He comes to lead!
Not to deplete your sanity with deceit.
Even though this activity might continue,
To leave those who may be seeking more of it...
Left craving in withdrawal pains! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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