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Granny & The Jar Of Jam

Kate did not look forward,
To seeing her granny every summer,
For six weeks,
Kate missed her mum and dad terribly,
But she was resigned to it.

Kate did like going outside,
And playing with the other boys and girls,
They cheered up the lonely house,
That was as quiet as a mouse,
Granny did cook some lovely food,
That Kate enjoyed no matter her mood,
Kate loved eating spaghetti bolognaise,
For dinner, and her sweet cereal at breakfast,
For she did not like porridge,
And Kate was not allowed dessert.

Being nine years old,
Kate had a vague idea that ice cream,
Was not good for her, but she loved it,
Along with cake and Eton mess,
And she loved apple pie,
With lashings of custard:
Kate could not get enough dessert.

So, one day, encouraged by her friends,
Kate went into her granny’s pantry,
Inside was so much food,
Both savoury and sweet,
Each bite, Kate knew, would be a treat,
And she would sneak in every night,
After lights out, but what fascinated,
Her most, was the jar of strawberry jam,
That beckoned with its luscious sweetness.

Her granny had forbade she eat jam,
That Kate should instead eat ham,
But all the sweets in the world appealed,
At home her mum and dad,
Let her eat mostly what she wanted,
But she desired hard candy,
All those forbidden treats,
She had to settle for less, however.

And one night, she sneaked,
Into the pantry and picked up,
The sweetest jar of jam ever seen,
It was a delicious strawberry flavour,
And Kate felt her stomach growl,
She felt wild, free and naughty,
So picking up the spoon,
She took her first mouthful,
Of strawberry jam.

And it was delicious,
And soon the entire jar was gone,
Kate not noticing the opening,
Of the pantry door,
And in her pyjamas walked Kate’s granny,
Kate was about to panic,
Until her granny laughed and laughed,
Until they both cried with laughter,
And after that, Kate and her granny,
Got along like a house on fire,
Kate never again expecting anger,
And every night, after dinner,
Kate was allowed a jam sandwich,
In her favourite flavour of strawberry.

by Paula Glynn

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