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They Call Me A Killa
FK ( / )

They Call Me A Killa

Im the hustler in my hood
they fear me but fear is respect
out here people die daily
the government don't care 'bout us
we are like a third world country
16 years old got two kids with no hope
there is no school no shelter
To surive you got be a survier
its not for the weak of heart
Out here ether you'r fly or your not
but i survie i got the hood on my side
its my play ground
I own every corner they all listen to me
Cause im a hustler you see
dont even think of betrayin me
I got no dependences out here im the queen
The thugs try to hit on me
they got nuthin for me
Im the hustler out here
How i got here wasn't fair
You see out here there is only one law
you keep wat you kill
and me well they call killa.

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Wow.........I'm speachless
Wow, babe, you killed the paper on this one. This is some nice stuff. I'm sure you are a killer. Every guy be like shouting at you and bowing in the streets.