They Could Not Wait To Leap To Their Feet

There is one unmistakable thing,
That being unprepared does.
It almost guarantees,
There will be a delivery of embarrassment.
Of the most unusual kind.
Especially when people,
Have been exhausted out of their minds.

When one is not ready for a presentation,
But volunteers to represent...
As the moderator of an upcoming event.
And has been given the time,
With a list of topics from which to pick.
And to initiate a discussion...
With a knowledged of the topic one has selected.
This can certainly be avoided.

And yet,
There still will be those...
Unaccustomed to appear as if they represent idiots,
Imbeciles and/or fools out of touch.
Without giving a hint,
Of knowing anything that makes sense.
But will ramble on as if raised eyebrows add,
An approval...
From those interrupting with a standing ovation.
With a desire not to hear what's going on prolonged.

'I can not believe I had them THAT mesmerized.'

~Oh you had them!
As you see,
They could not wait to leap to their feet.
With a rushing done toward the exits.
I think they thought your speech was overwhelming.~

And no one stayed to ask questions.
I am impressed.'

~Me too.
I have never seen a room clear so quickly.
You have a way with words that motivates immediate response.~

'I can not wait to do this again.'

~No need to rush.
Savor the moment.
And let what has taken place 'really' sink in.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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