They Crucified Me

My life will be open to you...

The hard time in every story
details of life, people belong by
each journey,

to insult me in so rude manner,
threatening me in so hard way,
abusing me in a nasty words, putting
me in bad trouble, ruin my being.

I am collapsing, shaking my system,
killing my inside self.

I feel every various of pain every system
of my body trembling, my soul is crying
from the inner heart to my deepest self,
it echo's to my spiritual being.

depression, anxiety, it moves me
for being loss, mind cannot works
its feels the pain in my thoughts
tears running down to my eyes falling
over and over,

the sorrow of things,
the people who gave this;

I cried loud to the father to rescue me,
the wonder working God moves so quick
to save me send an angel to fix and heal me
and put me in the safety place,

I am free to the present of evil.

God teach me to put in my mind that whatever
evil may do to hurt me always remember
that God is more powerful.

to stay in God's power I am be protected
whatever happen, He hold everythings
that I can possibly imagined;

I will open my eyes to the maker,
to the healer whom I can trust and
he will be the judge, amen.

(23th of July 2007)

by Jocelyn Sumido Dunbar

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