They Did Not Sell Their Souls

Behind walls they hid,
An occupied attachment...
With that which they believed,
Was a life real with materialism.
'Things' that gave them reason...
To laugh at others not up to their standards.

The days have come,
And standards they welcomed are vanishing!
Walls that protected them with deceit,
Are being chipped away to display them trembling!
They are frightened and exposed.
There is no where for them to go!
And those slandered and defamed by name,
Appear refreshed with a strength kept!

They did not sell their souls.
Those forced to bleed in public!
And were adorned with enlightment,
That had the value of precious gold!
And the Kingdom of God...
Bestowed upon their paths great treasures!
They 'could' laugh if they chose.
But their joy and happiness...
Was too wondrous of a reward,
To reflect upon an expected bitterness missing!

A revengeful eye placed upon others...
Was not from among them,
This druther that they drew...
In petty whispers!
Or a wish to renew to review with anger.
Their journey was to continue to praise God!
And 'that' they always knew.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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