They Did The Best They Could

Those who say,
They can not understand...
Why their children lack respect and discipline,
Will always say they did the best they could...
To raise them to be good children.

But the teaching to them to be responsble men,
And women accountable for their actions?
Well...many with children are too busy,
Wanting their children to see them as their friends.
And not examples of adults to set for them.

How many children do you have? '


And you think you can speak on this,
From a position of authority? '

I speak from a position of having peace of mind.
I will never be envious of those emotionally manipulated,
For the rest of their lives.
I have often wanted grandchildren.

Wouldn't you have to have children FIRST? '

And that one 'detail' alone...
Is the reason why,
I chose to keep my peace of mind.

'It's never too late you know? '

Didn't you just hear me say,
I chose to keep my peace of mind,
Over sitting in a prison cell for the rest of my life?

I didn't hear that last statement.'

It came to me quickly as a vision.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Parenting is an extremely complex process, perhaps the most complex but at the same time the most fascinating of human interactions. Children grow very fast from completely dependent helpless human beings needing all nurture and care, to independent adults themselves. Parenthood is definitely not a prison. It comes with a great commitment, that is true, but it is a source of tremendous joys and tremendous heart aches. The heartaches are definitely there, but not every heart ache is by definition a negative thing. The heartaches sometimes provide opportunities for personal growth. Seeing one of your children behaving in a caring way is a great source of peace of mind. So true, Lawrence, many people mess it completely up, claiming they did their best. Some of them really did the best they could but still the results are detrimental. Whether or not your child grows to a happy adult with wonderful values is depending on so many factors. Examples are not always followed and none of us manages to behave exemplary all the time. Parenting requires a lot of wisdom. Done with a certain level of unconditional love and care, I really think it can be something exciting, challenging and rewarding. Your poem is really thought provoking, covering a topic close to my heart. Well written.