They Dislike Themselves

They dislike each other.
Ask them!
They will admit they do.
Ask them the reason...
And they will have not one clue.

Unless disliking someone,
Based on what is believed one thinks...
The other thinks.
The other feels.
The other does.
And what another one says!
That may or may not be honest or real.

Purely something done,
That has been based on speculation!
To ruin and destroy.
As if to reflect one's environment...
And its degradation.
Like choosing a slot machine at a casino.
Because it may display pictures of diamonds or stars,
On the turning wheels.
And avoiding it if the appearance does not appeal.

And making decisions by how one feels...
Not investigated at all.
That would take the time of a mature mind.

Need I say more?

They dislike each other,
Some say they hate.
Because something told that was not true.
By some who instigate.

They also dislike themselves as well.
Since they've been told they should!
And they do.

Need I say more?
Hopefully this isn't you.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

Indeed without reason or rhyme dislikes are going on! You have rightly pointed the false notion on dislike.
absolute truth say a bad thing about someone and watch how it travels even if its a lie
wonderful awareness by using the poetic absolutism............the poet uses metaphorical arguments that draw on esoteric area of knowledge.........10+++++