A Moment Of Fun

It was regrettably a moment
A moment of fun
Right under the sun
As I try to run
Captivated by fear
The harm is already done
I wonder which gender will be born
Where was that elastic
Known by its other name as condom?

Sporadic thoughts storm my brain cells
I better prepare a futuristic story to tell
Will it be a boy or girl?

An unwanted birth
On my cranky old bed set
Where bodies have mixed up
And churned up in anticipated sweat
I regret, I fret
I regret, I fret
Realising the damage
I rage, low on wage and engage
In remorseful thoughts
My thirst has been quenched and trenched

Was it worth it? Behold No!
Did I need it? Behold Yes!
The left overs are the fruit of my labour
The consequences are my only neighbour
At this time I need a saviour
How can I bring a child up all alone?
What direction have the warm winds blown?
In a moment of fun
I lost but he won
Now he is on the run

by Sylvia Chidi

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reminds me of Neruda, i enjoyed it