To The Fire

Burning bright, your hue so deep
thy crux a rich gold flame.
Burning through O'er winds
you live.

Exclaim! How majestic art thou
your red flames billowing
it's crackle bellowing
A sight you is.

Hark! Behold! your flames so bright
your red unfurl
for the flag it is
the emblem of bravery

Huddle round it's warmth
A saviour in the winds
It roars proud
For it is fire.

By Cory Bhayn

by Cory Bhayn

Comments (5)

Envy brings blindness and a nice poem here..defaming yet famed nice one :)
you shall ever wear the crown of truth................i appreciate the style of writing...........greatly enjoyed it thanks for sharing it with us.
May be it's the silent reality of our life.I liked your poem. Thank you.
You always you wear the crown, great poetess. True feelings and emotions.
YOU do wear a crown! ! ! ! ! !