Enduring The Storms

Petals fall from a flower
quietly to the ground

tree limbs dry up
break off falls away

Ships sail off to sea
engaging storms along the way

fights to maintain a balance
storms of life torture

returns to port safe
from the storms of life.

by Heather Burns

Comments (18)

Is it as follows? Thy dishonor shared! (instead of) They dishonor shared!
Sharing honour and dishonour before the ' Sovereign' is what Emily tried to emphasise in this succinct yet profound poem........I feel all her poems carry eternity and a little bit penetration needed to understand better her poems..................Missed you Emily so much....
Please tell me why the word Daisy started on capital letters. Did it denote any character in Bible or outside?
I can feel the melody of this write.
Lovely sharp thanks..........
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