They Live In A Different World

They live in a different World to you or to I
They cheat on their partners and spouses and of their love affairs know how to lie
In the world of celebrity honour never seems for to take pride of place
Most of their sort honour and values could never embrace
Out of the adulation of the impressionable financially they do quite well
And stories of their infidelities glossy magazines sell
Yet to be famous and wealthy like them many to do aspire
And of singing their praises never seem to tire
Those we look up to and admire says more of us than words can ever say
At least with most people it does seem this way
The aspirational people celebrities with big egos create
They crave to be like those they do celebrate
Flawed people not honourable in any way
Yet stories of their infidelities in glossy magazines every day.

by Francis Duggan

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