SJ (1991 / arizona)

They'Ll Be More Messed Up Then Me By The Time That They'Re Three

I sent a report,
it warned of the dangers in here,
it warned of the dangers of this place i call,
my computer,
the world of my own cyber war,
a civil war is going on,
in this place,
yes indeed,
and i am the Sargent general indeed,
and i am a leader a fight a winner,
and i promise i will proceed,
i stand on the concept firmly,
that we are to have free will,
and speak our minds,
and rhyme our rhymes,
but some things i say,
simply will not do,
i will not stand for the cursing i say,
i wont stand for it,
i won't,
i won't,
and the sex and the drugs and the things these children can see,
they'll be more messed up then me by the time they turn three,
so i won't stand of it,
i won't i won't.

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