They Love Penning Rhyme

For so few a ticket to wealth and to fame
For most this penning of verse is a 'hungry belly game'
Yet without any hope of ever knowing of success
They love penning rhyme and pen on nonetheless.

They love penning rhyme and they write every day
And they write reams of stuff without fame or pay
Their verses may lose out to old father time
But they are the people who love to write rhyme.

At poetry evenings never asked to recite
But 'tis just for the love of rhyme that they do write
'Twould seem that the rhymers are now out of date
Time has passed them by and time does not wait

For anyone or for the makers of rhyme
Their style of verse seen to be of another time
And though the mantle of greatness they never will don
Their great love of rhyme inspires them to pen on.

by Francis Duggan

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