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They Meet Again
VG (5-5-1950 / meerut, india)

They Meet Again

Poem By vijay gupta

The corner of the platform a man Alfa was sitting
And waiting for the next train.
A woman named Beta came there & stands nearby him.
He was her ex-husband.
She was watching
Alfa, who was not properly clean, saved
And her buttons were not put properly on his uniform.
“Is there no one to care you” she asked?
However, he did not reply
In addition, his eyes were wet.
It was his answer in a symbolic form.
She left the Alfa’s home one year ago during split in relations.
Her mother created all botherations.
She is no more in this world.
Beta was also facing the same situation as Alfa was facing.
She was ashamed by the behavior made by her & hers mother.
She asked to forgive her.
Alfa put his hand on her shoulder & rush to get seat in this train.
There was no time to waste in formalities.

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