They Must Be Surrounded By Darkness

To deliberately maim and kill unarmed people is surely the worst sort of crime
Though it is not the first time such has happened and it hardly will be the last time
These people have lost all of their values and their hatred is out of control
And surely it can be said of them that none of them have got a soul.

They have murdered good working people commuting to work for their pay
These bombers are such heartless people to harm others they go out of their way
Their names are not worthy of mention and shame on their kind they only bring
They must be such horrible people for to do such a horrible thing.

They must be surrounded by darkness for to plot such a terrible plan
Far too many have died in bombings in man's inhumanity to man
In Kabul, Baghdad, New York, Spain, Egypt and London in this war of us against they
And always the good people suffer and for the crimes of others pay.

Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and remove from these murderers for their bombings the excuse
For their oil we pretend for to help them though to them we are of little use
More than one hundred thousand have died in Iraq in a few years and mistrust between people grow
How can we earn the respect of others if respect to them we do not show?

These horrible bombers of Baghdad and Egypt and London not one good word of them can one say
For their awful crimes against humanity to karma they will have to pay
They must keep looking over their shoulders and keep moving from Town to Town
For the law will be following behind them and the law will surely track them down.

by Francis Duggan

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