They Needed Your Vote Not Your Friendship

Politicians just before an Election are friendly as friendly can be
They say to you life for you will be better if you vote for my Party and me
But when elected and given a mandate more likely than not you they will ignore
Power can go to the head rather quickly one might say we've heard that before
As another Election approaches to the voters the Politicians grow nice
They needed your vote not your friendship so much for our love of free choice
You will not see them till the next Election they merely flatter to deceive
What most Politicians do promise and tell you bigger fool you if them you believe
Politics is not an honourable profession for more power politicians do lust
They are not the World's best people and few of them you ought to trust
They yearn for the power and the glory for that's what Politics are about
I for one does not trust them as trustworthy and their every word I've come to doubt
When they need your vote to you they are friendly to greet you they go out of their way
But to them you become a stranger on the day after Election day.

by Francis Duggan

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