They Never Allow For Difference

What others think of you is not your business since you've never harmed another in any way
They only look on you as someone different and respect to difference they could never pay
You do not play sports like golf, tennis or cricket and you do not play or even watch football
With them you seem to have little in common you eat and drink and breathe the same air perhaps that is all.

You do not drink alcohol with them in the Local to talk football and join in when they sing
Your interests in life to them are very different you live how you choose and do your own thing
Why worry of what they think of you since you have never done them any harm
Only those like them would wish for to be part of their group since they are not renowned for their charm.

You have your art for to keep you happy you sketch and paint Nature's beauty every day
Talking of fotball and drinking grog does not interest you each to their own as some are known to say
To them you are so very different so little in common with them you do seem to share
That's why they treat you as an outsider of which you do seem all too aware.

You are not in the pub in the evening at home you are sketching and painting instead
You do paint such beautiful natural landscapes for you great things well may lay ahead
Those you've grown up with do not understand you since from them apart you have grown
But they never do allow for difference and they never say to each their own.

by Francis Duggan

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