(18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

They Never Come Again

Life doesn’t give second chances,
but rare occasions
it sometimes does.
When this happens,
you have to grasp it
for all it is worth.
Don’t let it slip by,
as you may never get another try.

If love comes
a second time around,
don’t let it slip
through your fingers,
but take it to higher ground.
Second chances in this world
are to be taken
and not let slip away.
For it is quite possible
they may never come again.

22 February 2008

by David Harris

Comments (2)

like Andy said if you let them go by...then you are left with unanswered questions of 'what if'
Yes we must grasp the chances we are given, or always live in regret at what might have been... Wise words my friend... Andy 10