They Never Receive Genuine Respect

They never receive genuine respect though respect they demand
Those who need power over others i will never understand
They do have in them this great need to control
The people afflicted by darkness of soul

Like the weeds of the garden that stifle every flower
They rise up the ranks to positions of power
Their authority they abuse in quite an abusive way
And so many of their sort in the Human World of today

Abuse of power is the source of the most serious crime
By power hungry people over centuries of time
In crimes against humanity and in genocide
Millions of good and decent people have died

Those who never abuse their power are good people indeed
And for their future good karma are planting the seed
And i am not saying anything that is in any way new
When i say of their kind in the World far too few

They abuse their power in an abusive way
And their sort are not rare in the Human World of today
The people who in their minds do firmly believe
That by being disrespectful to others respect in return they ought to receive.

by Francis Duggan

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