OW (29-5-1945 / Hobart Tasmania)

They Ride Into Eternity

Horse man of yesterday ride upon horses that disappear into tomorrow,
They make no sound, only in visions can they be seen,
They travel from the west and head towards the east,
The master of breath rises in the east lighting up the path that leads to eternity,
There’s no dust stirred by phantom hooves,
Silent warriors ride upon images of perfection,
The motion of the horse and his rider is perpetual,
They move across time forever, never tiring,
All time stands still and opens the door to reveal sun rise,
The sun is forever shining in their faces,
The sun always sets behind them,
Spirit warriors by the thousands, not a blade of grass is crushed,
Not a piece of earth moved,
Silent is the night,
Peaceful is the day,
Bodies of bronze,
Hair as black as the darkest night, dances in step and time,
The rhythm of the ride unbroken,
They ride from yesterday into today, heading for tomorrow,
Enemies and friends allied together,
Tribes of our mother earth, tread lightly upon her,
Gliding by the eagle casts no shadow,
Nor do ghostly warriors or phantom steeds,
Their territory has no boundaries,
They ride through numbers of buffalo impossible to comprehend,
This is a vision and a dream I want to disappear into,
The rhythm of the riders transports my mind into their dimension,
A dimension where free spirits live in peace and harmony.

(3/5/2007/Asi-Yaholo Fuswv Hununwv Wewv.)

by Osceola Waters

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