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They Said.........
RS (Apr-5-88 / Jamaica)

They Said.........

A game of He said,
A game of She said,
A game of He said She said,
Gone terribly wrong.

She said, He said
'So what shall we do.'

He Said, She said
'Why lets go to the pool.'

She said, He said
'No lets go for a run.'

He said, She said
'Around here? '

She said, He said
'Anywhere I can make you cum.'

He said, She said
'Then I will not go.'

She said, He said
'Oh come on, we can take it slow.'

She said,

He grabbed her wrist and said,
'Let's fucking go! '

She screamed a plea.

He said,
'Be quiet, I thought you liked me.'

'Of Course I did, but not anymore,
And sorry to say I wont be your little whore.'

She Ran.

He went to the pool
And Swam.

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