They Saw The Light

It had been a bad day
Mother Nature brutal in her attack
She stared silently
watching the rain gush down in torrents
her mind oblivious of the events taking place below

'Bloody rain! ' he yelled
'Get down here woman and make my tea'
Her robotic figure shifted position
eyes diverted from the rain
She obeyed

She felt his blow
Once again tasted the hot warmth of her blood
as it spilled from her lip
'Next time, don't keep me waiting' he hissed
Hand raised for a second violent swipe

Suddenly everything in her life came into focus
The thunder and lightening giving her the courage
she had never felt before
She no longer was the intimitdated mouse
of the past
She reached over grabbing the raised hand
and held it firm

'Touch me again' She snarled
'and it will be the last thing you ever do'
He shrunk, shock from her sudden outburst
taking him by total surprise.
'From now on' She continued ' You show me respect'

Her grip was firm and burned into his skin
He couldn't look at her in that moment
but when he did it was in a different light
for something broke inside him
He felt a respect he had never felt before

'I am truly sorry' He cried, tears slowly
rolling down his cheeks
'So am I' she replied.
'From now on things are going to be
different around here'

As the rain cascaded against the windows
and the thunder pounded the sky
a new adventure and committment
was born to a couple who finally
found mutual respect

For within the storms of life
there is always a silver lining
bringing with it a light of hope
that can change destiny in a single moment

by Janice M Pickett

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