They Say

They say that every human life is worth a story and that everyone has a story to tell
And some believe in the Christian beliefs that hereafter the good for heaven and the bad for hell
And some believe in Buddism and re-incarnation and the Muslims to mohammed remain true
And you will find a vast difference in the beliefs of the Taoist and the Hindu and the Jew.

And some don't believe in the life hereafter and god to them is just a fallacy
And that we ought to make the most of our existence for death an end to all humanity
Across the World so many different races and many look at things quite differently
And their differences so vast in many cases that they don't have much grounds for harmony.

They say that every human being is special and with that saying how can one disagree
But sad to think that many die of hunger and millions of people in poverty
But I don't agree with some of the great modern thinkers who believe we make our own reality
That some happy to live and die as paupers it somehow doesn't seem just right to me.

They say that the meek the Planet will inherit but can only hope I live to see the day
That not one person die of malnutrition and that everyone is
afforded fair play
And that the World is rid of guns and nuclear weapons and no
fighter jets to dropp bombs from the sky
And that for their beliefs people won't have to suffer and no hate and wars where thousands have to die.

by Francis Duggan

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