They Say....

They Say That I'm Living The Dream.
But Life Ain't As Easy As It Seems.
Many People Say That Im unique,
but they fail to see the thinqs i see.
Life could be neat,
if they didnt want to much from me.
They tell me I need to cheer up,
But this life that we live in really sucks.
I gotta admitt that you try to much,
they play to much,
she talk to much,
Man thats it; enough is enouqh.
You try to play it rouqh,
you gottah keep it touqh.
Yeah thats riqht, yur runninq outta Luck.
They Say I shine so much,
I grind as Much,
It's more than enouqh.
There really aint no luck,
Only Blessinqs From Above.
Her Heart So White,
It's whitter Than A Dove.
That's why i got nothin but love.
Look at me and i bet you'll See,
That Im Not as Normal As Yu Think...

by Eugene Lewis

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