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They Say I Am Old
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They Say I Am Old

They say I am old
So I should not wear colored sari and gold
Why can't I laugh and giggle, in a party, I can not mingle
I have to watch what I say, never to joke and feel gay
Is it a crime that I am old
I must not put flowers on my hair I am told
I wonder what went wrong
Why they took away all my joy and song
Society locked me up, restricted my freedom
Never gave credit for my life long wisdom
Widow must stay put when she is old
While widower can marry again and be bold
Old man becomes wise as they age
But old woman loses freedom and gets locked up in cage
I will tear down the wall around me, take No for an answer
Speak loud against the injustice for all to hear
I will shatter the chain on my mind imposed by them
I will walk tall, sing along, break up their dirty game
I am God's child, my mind is forever young and gay
It's my body, my soul, they have nothing to say.

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