They Say I'M Like You

They say I'm like you
I wouldn't know
Sometimes I see you
Most times I don't
You are my father
Though I've never had a dad
You are my father
That I've wanted so bad
Where are you dad?
I wouldn't know
How are you dad?
Has your blood ran cold?
I would not know if you were dead or alive
Like me, are you dead inside?
You have an addiction
Its kept you away
I have an addiction
We may be the same
They say I'm like you
I wish I knew
They say I'm like you
Do you hate me too?
I hate myself
That's all my addiction is
Attracting what's bad for me
And slitting my wrists
Sometimes, people ask me why
Yet, when I explain, no matter how hard I try
They say they don't get me
That I don't make sense
Though I am a human being
They teat me like I don't exist
Your addiction is drugs
Those hurt you too
Maybe I am
Just like you
Would you understand
Why I self-harm?
slicing my wrists,
Burning my arms?
Would you understand
How it feels to be ignored
Do you think religion s something for people to feel
When they're bored?
Do you think the world is as messed up as me?
Or am I the reason that I don't want to breath?
Do you blame yourself
For doing drugs and having kids
For you to have made my life the way it is?
Do you think my addiction is your addiction's fault?
Does addiction branch off addiction?
I think not
I think I am the explanation
That's why I hurt myself with such aggravation
I blame no one for the way I act
I just don't quite know how to bounce back
How to deal with pressure
How to deal with my anger in small measures
I blow up, and I self-destruct
Yet people tell me, I'm just a following duck
To my father
And I have 'daddy issues'
That's what they say
That I take after you...

by courtney metcalf

Comments (2)

Beautifully done Well done Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
A journey to trace ones roots is one of the toughest. The emotional side of this trail is quite sad and loony. Look at these words: They say I'm like you / Do you hate me too? In any case it is a fine piece of poetry.