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They Say, I Say
JR (June 06,1981 / Ontario, Canada)

They Say, I Say

Poem By Jeunese Rona

They say that if you love someone
Then set them free...
And if in time they come back,
Then it's meant to be.

I say that if you love someone,
Set them free
Even if you cry for life,
As long as they're happy.

Sacrifice your emotions,
Put your heart on the line
And if it gets broken,
Take that as a sign

That he never really loved you,
That he never really cared
That everything was not real,
Every moment that you shared.

Take your time to lick your wounds,
Give more time to heal
And as soon as you're stronger,
As soon as you can feel....

Try to love again
Like you've never hurt before...
For everyone finds someone
Who's worth living for.

-Jeunese Rona

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Comments (1)

Jeunese, I agree with the sentiments of your lovely flowing poem wholeheartedly. It is not easy to do though, I did it once, took him 5 months to come back, but he stayed the rest of his sweet life. 10 from broken, but open hearted Tai