To The Winter Burrow

Some fragments of her heart
That was shattered long ago
Swam to the winter burrow
With broken angelic wings

Some sailed a forlorn vessel
Of desires, of wants and needs
A complex obsession that lies
Thumping on adobe of fantasy

Some swirled mutely on brooks
Of veracity’s enchanting tale
Bitter sweet on daylight’s arm
Yet warm on silver moon’s charm

by Catrina Heart

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Comments (4)

Lovely piece of poetry, elegantly penned with insight and conviction to capture the essence of love. Love is indeed a spiritual experience that surpasses beauty. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
Young lady I would say that came from the heart, avery difficult subject like you said as a river turbulent one minute peace and serenity the next, but we all strive for it and it's consequences 10 Chris
Very powerful imagery and observation.... well put together. You write well.
wow this is amazingly brillient Miss Qishi.