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They Say Love
SSQ (12-05-1986 / East London)

They Say Love

Poem By Stella Sisanda Qishi

they say love is a fountain
flowing down like the Victoria Falls
magnificent. genuine, indescribable.
they say it's where waters of the same current confluence
they savour the smooth and turbulent flows
together intertwined
with much deference and pure affinity

but what do you call it
when the sense of revulsion takes the helm
malevolent. antagonistic, forefingers poking
the open space into a fitful polka-dot?
is it still a flawless fountain when
blows rearrange your facial features
turning them ashen?
abrasion perhaps
i think it very unlikely

love does not lie in perfectly boned faces,
high social standards or fat credit cards
it is merely the promise of common hearts
unsurpassed by beauty or property
so the least a person should do
is let their love do the talking

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Comments (4)

Lovely piece of poetry, elegantly penned with insight and conviction to capture the essence of love. Love is indeed a spiritual experience that surpasses beauty. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
Young lady I would say that came from the heart, avery difficult subject like you said as a river turbulent one minute peace and serenity the next, but we all strive for it and it's consequences 10 Chris
Very powerful imagery and observation.... well put together. You write well.
wow this is amazingly brillient Miss Qishi.