A Birthday Poem For: Loretta

September 13,2018

Birthdays remind us of
of what we try to forget
every other day of the year,
that Time burns through
our lives, consuming the fuel
of youth, vitality, Life itself.

We would rather our friends
and family celebrated the date
among themselves, and left us
in a peaceful space in we can
both reflect on things passing
and hold on to things eternal.

Time is the enemy of Lyric Poets,
destroying what we cherish, just
because Time imposes limits, or
enforces those limits with events
like birthdays and anniversaries.
We would make delight last forever,

but it weakens to a whisper of passion.
We would like a flower to bloom
brightly, but it knows its season
to shine and its season to droop.
We wish our life could swell to biblical
lengths, and remain fresh and wholesome.

We rely on such beauty to fill
our earthly days with glory,
a glory not seen on Earth
since we lost the Garden and
have become acquainted with grief.
But our faith in beauty persists,

and we sense a lasting beauty
visible to our inner sight and
nourished by our inner strength.
Your birthdays remind us our Souls,
forever young and vital, burn a path
of sweetness and light, as they return

to an eternal Garden, purged of earthly
limitations and raised to Glory: This is
your faith, it is the story of your Hope,
its theme is Love, and that Love is expressed
in your daily prayer:"Lord, You nave blessed me
with long life and all good things. It is sufficient:
give the rest of Your blessings to my family and friends"

by Daniel Brick

Comments (4)

I do agree with your view on Time Emily...very true... sometimes some proverbs and sayings don't hold the truth...I mean about Time alone can heal..- -great poem 10+++++++++++++++
.............time the mystery of mysteries ★
Simple yet profound......that's why Emily is unique in her own style and great with her unique mind
Simple and poignant. I wish I could write something like this. I'm sure I'll try.