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Boom Boom!
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Boom Boom!

Poem By Muhammad Yahya

So many people are conservative they never embrace change
And they look on people who are different to them as untrustworthy and strange
They hang on to their own beliefs and to the past they cling
And they feel challenged by different views and to them change is a fearful thing.

Though people like the Seasons come and go and nothing seems to last
They hang on to their old beliefs the beliefs of the past
Their ancestors still rule their lives though they have been dead for years
They resist change and hang on to their old phobias and fears.

They vote for politicians like themselves on National Election day
Each to their own that's how it is and it's always been that way
They give support to the men of war who ravage and destroy
When they send the young to a far Land for to kill for them or die.

They do not grow any wiser they just grow old and gray
And their children turn out like them in almost every way
To them the word inclusive means stick by your own beliefs and kind
'Tis said the one eyed man is king in the Land Of The Blind.

Due to irrigation for crops the waters of the mighty river no longer reach the sea
But the dire consequences of this they do not seem to see
And due to human created salinization the salt pans grow and grow
Yet little about Nature they wish to learn and know.

If you do not believe in their God and their ways they push you to the side
And leave you stranded like the driftwood that is washed in by the tide
Their greatest fear is difference and they place their trust in same
Yet they seem such boring people for want of a better name.

They worry for their own children and they justify a lie
When in their so called just war other parents children die
Like wolves they pack together and their communion bond is strong
And they go to their prayer meetings and worship their God in song.

In the Government of any Nation the majority of the Nation's people one can see
Our leaders reflect our image though many with that may not agree
Their views of life are narrow and their own small worlds are small
They believe in a fair go for their own kind but not in a fair go for all.

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Perfect! ''Society is now one polish'd horde, Form'd of two mighty tribes, the Bores and Bored.'' - Lord Byron