They Seem Very Different

The weather doesn't seem to bother him be it wet, windy, cold or fine
He jogs for six miles every day come rain, hail or sunshine
A tall thin man athletic looking his balding hair silver gray
Fitness is his addiction or it does seem this way
A grandfather in his seventies of him it would be fair to say
That physically like all of his age he has known a better day
Whilst he is out exercising his wife sits at home watching t v
Our different ways make us more interesting that's how it seems to me
If we all behaved in the same way how boring we would be
His wife though one much overweight looks and seems much more happier than he
Is or at least that is how she does seem anyway
She goes for short walks but never jogs for miles every day
For fifty years together they have lived as man and wife
But they seem very different in their different ways of life.

by Francis Duggan

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