They Shall Be Satisfied

Once, in a dream, I saw the Saviour’s face!
That Face within its aureole of Light,
Star, moon and sun, forever, to all night-
And in its glance such tenderness and grace,
That straightway all my travail fled from me:
Bruised, broken, prostrate, hopeless, unfaithed, all
Life’s burden, that had weighed me to my fall;
For I had walked my soul’s Gethsemane
Defeated, where He soared to victory.
I saw His Face! Throughout the rise and set
Of the eternal suns can I forget?
No question further where was all reply,
Nor ever further need to satisfy-
And ah, what blessing, where had been what curse!
He filled my soul, as He the universe-
He was the Understanding, infinite,
And O, the Peace, dear Christ, the Peace of it!

by Ina D. Coolbrith

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