TR (22nd September 1968 / Edmonton, London, UK)

They Shall Be Seen!

Proudly stood two twin towers,
Which now exist no more.
They crumbled to their foundation,
Down to the very floor.
The inhabitants took flight.
For some it was too late.
They were ground to dust.
Death was to be their fate.
The Capitol went up in smoke.
The air was full of dust.
The people began to choke.
The crime was so unjust.
Looking for their cherished.
Waiting full of dread.
Only to learn they perished,
Amongst the other dead.
Family or perhaps a peer,
Many lives lost in vain.
Someone loved so very dear,
Their hearts filled with so much pain.
Again the Twin Towers shall be seen,
A colossal project at a cost,
A monument to the dead,
A memorial to the lost!
Let’s prevail without defeat,
Let’s build them up on high,
And once more they shall be seen,
Above in the Manhattan sky!

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