They Should Not Have To Live In Fear

In some Countries it is a crime for people to live as gay
The people who are not responsible for the over-population of the Human World of today
Discriminated against for their sexual preferences which ought to be a basic human right
To live as equal to all others for them does seem an uphill fight
People who are not heterosexual of redneck gangs must live in fear
Every day on news radio and in the newspaper we do read of and hear
People bashed because of their sexual preferences even in democratically run Countries
It does seem utterly appalling crimes against minorities
Those who do not have self love in them respect to others cannot show
Crimes against the vulnerable minorities World-wide in numbers grow
Things in some cases have not changed much from the dark ages in this twenty first century
In a just and equal Human World people of fear of others would live free
For his or for her sexual preference they should not be made to pay
They should not have to live in fear of others people who do live as gay.

by Francis Duggan

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