They Sing Of

They sing of victorious battles fought centuries ago
But of peace and what it does entail little they seem to know
And you cannot even know of peace with yourself with anger in your heart
And peace and war as always are a billion miles apart.

They salute the warriors of the past and they salute the National flag
And of their patriotism they openly do brag
Ask what you can do for your Country with those words I do not agree
But ask instead of what you can do for all of humanity?

And ask instead of how you can help the one from another Land?
His religion and culture are so different his language you do not understand
But you get to know him better and to your great surprise
You find that he is even more like you than you could ever realize.

They sing of victorious battles the things that do divide
And it gives them a false sense of pride to know that might is on their side
But those who love all different races for their humanity
In truth are the true heroes and to peace they hold the key.

by Francis Duggan

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