They Stand On Nature's Side

Some influentials seem to think trees should not grow in town
And to build motor race track in the park they cut the tall trees down
The minority who care come to protest angered at what they see
But their protests won't be in vain if they can save one tree.

Their trees cut down the birds have left to seek new territory
And possum died a painful death crushed by the fallen tree
But Government doesn't seem to care by protest unperturbed
What value to their coffers is a possum, tree or bird?

Above the voices of the protesters the chain saws I can hear
And the Government claiming victory but they don't have a victory here
To cut down trees to build race track doesn't seem to make much sense
And any assault on Mother Nature is a serious offence.

To make way for a racing track a park has been destroyed
But the protesters at Albert Park in their fight can take pride
Each time they come to protest they stand on Nature's side
And though they may not have saved Albert Park their very best they tried.

by Francis Duggan

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