They Tell Me My Future Is Shining

Poem By Amberlee Carter

Universes collide,
scorched sky-
pastel people, rainbows of the world

So many dreams and nightmares
I would like to leave with you,
if I could bring my pen
to touch the page.

We are time:
wrapped neatly in flesh and bone and thoughts-

We are lost-
we look for castles in the clouds,
cities beneath the earth-
learn of our history to understand our future.

We toil and cry with our Mothers to be born of our Father's flesh.

They tell me: life is a blessing, no matter the circumstance,
no matter that we are born, drunk on our Mother's failures,
made to bear the burdens of our Father.

Mother says: I labored to bring you into this world.

I tell her: and I will labor when you leave it.

we've completed this uneasy circle
of hours rapidly bringing an absolution-

' and how does that make you feel? '

' like everyone else I suppose '

Comments about They Tell Me My Future Is Shining

There are some fine lines, and a feeling of profundity here, Amberlee, you've tapped into archetypes. And I think the last line works well.
this poem is a 10+++, very well done! HBH
Stunning, Amberlee, simply stunning. Warm regards, Seán everyone else Amberlee, but light-years ahead in perception. Kenneth
astounding, simply amazing!

4,1 out of 5
5 total ratings

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