They Tell You That Your Life Is Your Choice

I do grow tired of right wing rednecks who say poverty comes out of choice
Their hearts cold as the Antartic ocean that in Winter is frozen in ice
Bet you they've never known poverty and that they are financially secure
They would not be talking such rubbish if they knew what 'twas like to be poor.

These people have not lived in Countrries in Africa where the sun blazes hot in the sky
Where a dropp of rain has not fallen for six months and the parched earth is hard cracked and dry
Where the crops they planted died for lack of water and their children are crying out for food
Those who say they chose to live in this way are stupid and heartless and crude.

I bet they have never lived in the slums of a big City as Homeless children of the street
Searching through rubbish bins in dark alleys for discarded food they can eat
Their fathers and mothers in prison for drug trafficking and robbery serving jail time
And their poor though quite street wise children too bound for a sad life of crime.

And yet they tell you that your life is your choice you make out of that what you may
By their words these people demonize poor people but one should not heed one word they say
To say the least they are uncaring and they sadly lack in empathy
And they too must answer to karma and karma won't show them sympathy.

by Francis Duggan

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