JK (11 of November 1989 / Brighton, England)

They Think We'Re Happy! ! ! !

Smiling confuses people because then they think we're happy,
Falling into sleeplessness as the shadows start to dance and play,
Watch out for the bugs as they tend to bite,
And just by chance they might steal you away.

No use of imagery can be confusing,
The voice of nothing has claimed your madness again,
Haunted by the absence of love as inspiration is drained from within,
Bluntly speaking we are losing our minds slowly,
Loyal to friends and sometimes too overprotective,
Time to myself is now limited,
Time for a new system rushing to me and pushing me to the floor.

Asking the same aul stupid questions that no-one seems to be willing to answer,
The dead are shown to me and yet I don't believe in god.
Random lines shoved together to create a new passage into another's mind of confusion.
I bid thee farewell. Long live the Irish we are the infectious nation. Loved by all and accepting of things that seem foreign to the rest of the world.

We all have our random thoughts.
Put down on paper it might not make any sense
Except to those willing to walk the unbeaten path.

by Joanne Kearsey

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One day....my wife.....after reading a few lines from my notebook...said...if ever I want to have you committed.......the evidence is all right here!
Go hiontach cailín, go hiontach.