They Use The Mentally Ill

For to commit their worse than horrible crimes they use the mentally ill
Who carry concealed bombs and take their own lives others to maim and kill
Last week it was Brussels in Belgium yesterday Lahore in Pakistan
By the murderous I S I S and equally bad Taliban
To kill and maim innocent people they use the mentally unwell
How long will their maiming and murdering go on only time will tell
Eventually for their heinous crimes they will be made to pay
If not by human made law karma on them will have the say
For their brainwashing of the mentally unstable into crimes of hate
They without realizing it have sealed their own fate
The masterminds of the bombings in Brussels and Lahore
Have the worst sort of Karma for themselves in store
Because of them so many life dreams have been destroyed
By those who kill for them in the act of suicide.

by Francis Duggan

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