They Wait



He waits there in heaven, lonely and blue,
he waits for his princess, that he loves so true,
he dreams of the day that she will get there,
and stay forever, in that heavenly air,
she is just waiting for that special day,
when she will meet her lover, who is so far away,
she knows that he waits so patiently,
she don't know his waiting, will be over so suddenly,
they wait for each other, till they can be one,
and their time for each other will very soon come,
on her way to work, there was a deadly crash,
she couldn't survive that terrible smash,
the day that she died, seemed to be their lot,
exactly one year before, he died in that very same spot.

written by Harry Bryant
11/28/04 10: 54: 09 PM �
all right reserved

By Habry

© 2004 Habry (All rights reserved)

by Harry Bryant

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