They Walk Among Us

Poem By gerard ali

There are a lot of people out there that don’t really care,
But share, our space everyday, and we think they are our friends in everyway.
But the truth is they are demons, walking among us, trying to corrupt us,
And it gets easier for them everyday,
For the things we do and say,
For the wicked games we play,
How easy it is to say our friends is our enemy,
We not even putting up a fight,
Or teaching our kids what is wrong and right,
It is becoming so easy for them to take our soul,
Before they were shy but now bold and cold,
Not knowing that our soul is worth more than gold.

It is coming easier for them everyday,
To lead us astray,
Take our soul away,
Turning on each other more and more everyday,
Allowing war to become the way,
To settle every disagreement,
Before we could have a misunderstanding,
And still remain standing but now everyone is more demanding, and say the reason, is expanding,
Before you know it, jets are landing,
And bombs are planting, and warhead become enchanting.

We have already allowed these demons to take most of us already,
And have made them greedy,
To fight for things that doesn’t even belong to us,
We have forgotten and lost all trust,
Making a fuse, lust sending they neighbors back to the dust.
Fighting for land and oil,
Things that belong to the soil,
Given to us for us to toil,
But instead we boil,
And destroy everything in sight,
Everything that’s right,
Everything that of day and not night.
The demons are winning this fight.

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